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1) Download the WSP file from Code Plex
2) Copy the WSP to your SharePoint 2010 server, e.g. c:\wsp
3) From the SharePoint PowerShell Shell run: add-spsolution c:\wsp\tsb.speventreceivermanager.wsp
4) If that was successful run: install-spsolution -identity tsb.speventreceivermanager.wsp -gacdeployment
5) Browse to your site and Site Actions > Site Settings > Site collection features
6) Find 'TSB Event Receiver Manager' and click 'Activate'
7) That's it....all done

How to use:
1) Browse to a Document Library or List - Site Actions > View all Site Content
2) From the Ribbon select the Library/List tab and then Library/List Settings
3) Under 'General Settings' there will be a link 'Manage Event Receivers'

Removing an Event Receiver:
1) Each Event Receiver is listed with a 'Remove' option, simply click this for the receiver that you would like to remove and confirm the action
(This was introduced in v2.0)

Adding an Event Receiver:
Make sure that the corresponding Assembly has been installed in the GAC!
1) Provide a Name, receiver type, the full Assembly name, Class name and sequence number, and click 'Add'
(This was introduced in v2.0)

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